Songwriter Solutions Spotlight: Addy Taylor

Songwriter Solutions recently had a chance to sit down with Addy Taylor, a Winston Salem native who is nominated for "Songwriter of the Year" through Nashville Universe. Get to know this up and coming songwriter in our first entry into our Songwriter Solutions Spotlight Series!

SS: Tell us how you got into music growing up?

AT: Music was a way for me to release my emotions. I grew up listening to legends like Johnny Cash & George Jones & Reba, and their music could bring me through any troubles in my life. So I decided that one day I would be like them, and I would write/perform music. Also, being from Wilkes, Merle Fest was a big part of what got me into country/bluegrass music. And despite being from a small town and told I would never make it, I chose to have faith in myself and basically challenge myself to achieve musical success!

SS: As a singer/songwriter, what inspires you to write and make music?

AT: So many things! I guess it would have to be my determination in myself. Music is a way for me to express how I feel, and what is going on in my head and in my heart. Also, my nephews! They are like my little brothers! I want to show them that no matter what anyone tells them, they can do whatever they set their minds too! Also, my grandma! She’s always encouraged me to follow my dreams and so that’s what I am doing now…writing and working on putting out an album!

SS: What’s your general songwriting process like?

AT: That’s kind of hard to say. Because each of my songwriting processes is different. Usually I catch myself coming up with lyrics while I am riding down the road, or at work. I can’t count how many voice memos I have on my phone of possible song lyrics/ideas. Or I will be trying to sleep and think of a new song idea and so I write it down on the notepad beside my bed. But in general for the most part, I just take an idea I've had or something someone has mentioned to me, and I brainstorm how I want the song to sound. After that I try to write a verse and get it flowing. But if that doesn't work I write what comes to mind, and then tweak it from there. Nine times out of ten, I end up with the melody first.

SS: So you were nominated for Songwriter of the Year, Female Vocalist of the Year, and Song of the year, and you have made it to Round Two for Songwriter of the Year with Nashville Universe, Congratulations! Tell us about that experience.

AT: Thank you! Being nominated still seems unreal! Being a new artist this was a complete shock! I mean I am just starting out and was nominated not once but three times for awards! The experience has been so amazing! Honestly I did not expect to make it to round two because I was up against some fierce competitors! I am truly blessed and honored to first be nominated and secondly be on the final ballot. The experience has opened many doors for me not only locally but nationally as well. Not to mention all of the people I have been networking with about my future music career. I still remember the day I got the email stating I had been nominated and I thought to myself this has to be a joke or something. So I contacted Nashville Universe and asked if there was a mistake. I was informed there wasn't and that I had indeed been nominated for the award. From then, I did rally for votes. Knowing that I was going up with some of the best songwriters and vocalists I knew this was going to be a challenge. But I just prayed and said if it’s meant to be, then I will make it. Thanks to all of my friends and fans, I made it to round two for Songwriter of the Year.

SS: What was the song that earned you a nomination for Song of the Year? Tell us about how that came to be. What inspired you to write it?

AT: The song was “Life.” The song was written as a different song, but because it was so personal with the help of others, I changed the lyrics to make it more marketable for a wider audience. The song to me is a message that even when someone dies, over time life gets easier because you have the persons’ memories always with you. For years I had always wanted to write a song that reflected a meaning about life and moving on, but never had the lyrics, until I lost someone who I loved dearly and because of that, the lyrics finally came to me. So I was able to let out how I feel through a song.

SS: So what’s on the horizon for Addy Taylor?

AT: I have dreams for a lot of things. But I have paced myself with them. I have created a short term and long term bucket list. In the coming weeks I will be traveling to Nashville for the Nashville Universe Awards (which will broadcast online via internet radio on February 17th). I also hope to get some other artist together and hopefully finalize a few more songs. I want to include artist who are not well known so that together we can reach out and hopefully get our star found! I keep saying I am moving to Nashville to pursue this crazy dream—so I hope to get moved to Nashville soon! This year I plan on putting out an album. I keep going back and forth on whether it will be an EP or a full album. But regardless by the end of the year, I want to have music out there for my fans and for the world to hear. And finally if possible, I would like to do independent tour or maybe even be an opening act to some artist(s).

SS: What writers do you really admire?

AT: Oh where do I begin? There are so many great ones that have become my inspirations. But I think this would be my top 5:
1) Jaren Johnston (from the band The Cadillac 3-one of my fave bands)
2) Dierks Bentley (my biggest country music role model & fave country artist!)
3) Cole Swindell (to be new that boy got talent!)
4) Brett James (the guy is a songwriting genus!)
5) Hillary Lindsay (one of the best co-writers in the music industry)

SS: Dead or Alive, who would you most like to collaborate with?

AT: I wish I would have had the chance to collaborate with George Jones! I've always loved his music and he made such an influence to the music industry. Also I would have loved to sing with Doc Watson. Despite not getting this opportunity on stage, me and Doc did spend time on a golf cart singing some bluegrass music and he provided me a lot of information that I am still using as I pursue my music career! I would love to collaborate with my three favorite male singers and my favorite band. I would love to someday write/perform a song with: Jaren Johnston, Blake Shelton and Dierks Bentley as well as Little Big Town! I want to collaborate with each because of different reasons, mostly deal with how they got their start in the music industry. Jaren is an artist who shows that determination pays off! Blake is the kind of artist that tells you like it is, but at the same time can draw a crowd in with any song. Dierks took a risk, and after years of working he got his break. Again, this shows that determination pays off. And of course Little Big Town! They prove to us that even if fame doesn't come right away, to not give up. It took nearly a decade for them to get their big start, but it happened. So with them, they show if you are serious about music, never give up because your fans will always be there. Each of these artist are down to earth despite being some of the top names in the industry, which is what I think is what draws me to them, and why I want to collaborate with them.

SS: Before you go, tell everyone how they can vote for you for “Songwriter of the Year” in Round Two?

AT: Voting is super easy! Listed are the steps to voting.
1) Go to and click sign up. If you voted in round one, you can just sign in.
2) Once you sign up, you then go to the tab that says “Award Voting”
3) Then click on the red word “VOTE”
4) From there you are prompted through a survey of about 20 questions, and once done, you click submit. Once you do that voting is done!
5) **(Side Note) You can only vote once per internet device/log in name. So it is very crucial that people share and get anyone they know to vote.

Also, no need to worry, you will not be spammed with a lot of emails from Nashville Universe. You will only get emails talking about voting for the round, and then where to listen to the awards show and winners.

Thank you for the support! I appreciate it very much. Also, thank you for this interview. It has been a blast and I look forward to keeping everyone updated on how the awards show goes and what’s happening in my future.

Keep it real! Keep it country!

Addy Taylor

Addy Taylor Contact:


Facebook: AddyTaylorMusic

Twitter: AddyTaylorMusic (I follow back!)

Instagram: AddyTaylorMusic

Snapchat: AddyTaylorMusic


Chris Smith is a founder of Songwriter Solutions and a singer-songwriter out of Winston-Salem, NC. He fancies himself a student of songwriting and believes we all have something to learn from one another. He's a soldier, a musician, a singer, a songwriter, a blogger, a son, a brother, a husband, and a soon to be father! He prefers the mountains over the beach, dogs over cats, and spinach over brussel sprouts. To connect with Chris, like him on FACEBOOK, follow him on TWITTER, and subscribe to him on YOUTUBE! He can be reached via our Contact Us page.
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