Who Are We?

Songwriter Solutions came about out of necessity. We identified a need in our local community of Winston Salem, North Carolina to bring together three groups within our community; songwriters & artists, the businesses that provide services for those individuals, and the establishments and venues that support original music. In addition we wanted to create an outlet for songwriters and artists to develop and hone their craft. That's where Songwriter Solutions comes in. We connect all of these groups and provide that space to promote original music and songwriting education within our community. Our tagline is "Artist Development Center," and we stand by that.

Songwriter Solutions’ mission is to educate, support and connect songwriters, artists and performers whose goal is to grow in the craft of songwriting and original song performance. We cater to all skill levels and genres and pride ourselves in creating an honest, open and inviting place for songwriters to gather and develop their skills in a positive constructive environment. Our educational initiatives include information swaps, industry meetings, seminars, courses, events, and networking and partnership opportunities.

Although our focus is educating and connecting the songwriting community, we have several services available that are created to assist artist in areas such as songwriting, song production, stage presence, marketing and branding to name a few. Our services are offered free of charge when possible and the rest are offered at the lowest possible rates available to cover costs and ensure that we can continue bringing quality educational programs to our community. We will always work with an artist on a budget. Click HERE to see a full list of our services.

In addition to connecting artists with each other and affiliates, we aim to support the local venues that support local music. We recognize the importance of the establishments and venues that support live music and we wish to promote these establishments through event promotion and event partnerships. Click HERE to view our Events Calendar.

Songwriter Solutions is located in the heart of the Winston Salem arts district in the beautiful Community Arts Cafe building at 411 West Fourth Street, Suite 101-D, Winston Salem, NC, 27101. Our phone number is (336) 698-4193. Call to schedule an appointment and let's see what we can do to help jump start your song! All experience levels welcome, all genres welcome!

For volunteer opportunities, please email us at SongwriterSolutions@gmail.com.
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